Patient Review – Abi

Abi is a 9 year old Lurcher. She has a long history of a rare condition called Lupoid Onchrodystropy. This is an auto immune disorder whereby the nails and nailbeds cause pain and discomfort and eventually fall off or need to be removed. She was referred to us in 2016 as she was in chronic discomfort around her limbs, sensitive and unhappy on uneven ground, which made walks very difficult for her owner.

Following her assessment with Kelly our ACPAT Veterinary Physiotherapist, she was referred for aquatic Treadmill treatment. The purpose of this type of exercise is to enable patients to walk through water in a special treadmill tank. The water provides buoyancy, reducing the loading through her paws and joints and encourages good stride length and promotes flexibility. This exercise therapy eased Abi’s discomfort and enabled her to become more confident again in placing her paws and weight bearing effectively.

Following a few aquatic treadmill treatments, Abi’s demeanour was brighter, her posture had improved and she was able to stretch out following rest and curl up to sleep. We are happy that Abi leads a full and active life at home and continues to really enjoy her walks.